Developing Tourism in Odisha: Insights from Mr. JK Mohanty, President of Swosti Group of Hotels

Odisha, a state with rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and a burgeoning potential for tourism, stands at the cusp of transformation. Mr. JK Mohanty, the honorable president of Swosti Group of Hotels, shares his valuable insights on the steps necessary for the development of the tourism industry in Odisha. Here are his thoughts on how to harness the state’s potential and propel it into a premier tourist destination.

Hotel and Restaurant Development

The cornerstone of tourism is hospitality. Enhancing the quality and quantity of hotels and restaurants is imperative. By developing new hotels and upgrading existing ones, Odisha can cater to a diverse array of tourists, from budget travelers to luxury seekers. This development should include modern amenities, high standards of hygiene, and exceptional service to ensure a memorable stay for visitors.

Pantha Niwas OTDC Development

The Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) plays a crucial role in promoting tourism. By developing and modernizing Pantha Niwas lodges, OTDC can provide affordable yet comfortable accommodation options across the state. These facilities should be strategically located to serve as gateways to key tourist destinations.

Increase of 5-Star Hotel Services

To attract high-end tourists, it is essential to increase the number of 5-star hotels in Odisha. These hotels should offer world-class facilities and services, meeting international standards. Collaboration with renowned hotel chains can bring in expertise and elevate the hospitality standards in the state.

Managing Weak Hotels

Not all hotels in Odisha meet the desired standards. It’s essential to identify and manage these weaker hotels through training programs, financial aid, and infrastructural support. This will ensure that all hotels contribute positively to the overall tourism experience.

Integrating Coffee Plantation with Tourism

Koraput’s coffee plantations offer a unique opportunity to blend agriculture with tourism. By developing eco-friendly tours and stays at coffee plantations, Odisha can attract niche tourists interested in agritourism. This integration will not only increase visitor numbers but also provide a new dimension to the tourism offerings.

Vast Marine Drive Development

Odisha’s coastline is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Developing marine drives with cruise and boating facilities can significantly boost coastal tourism. These activities should be promoted as part of a larger coastal tourism package, including beach resorts, seafood festivals, and water sports.

Linking Ports for Cruise Tourism

Ports like Dhamara and Paradip can be developed as hubs for cruise tourism. By linking these ports with nearby islands and other coastal attractions, Odisha can tap into the lucrative cruise tourism market. This development requires modern port facilities and seamless connectivity to other tourist spots.

Employment Growth and Revenue Generation

The implementation of these initiatives will lead to substantial employment growth in Odisha. The tourism sector can become a significant source of livelihood for many, from hotel staff and tour guides to local artisans and transport providers. Additionally, increased tourism will generate substantial revenue for the government, further fueling economic development.

Direct International Flights

Improving air connectivity is vital for boosting tourism. Direct flights from Bhubaneswar and other cities in Odisha to international destinations will make the state more accessible to global tourists. This can lead to increased airport engagement and more inbound tourists.

Convention Centre in Janata Maidan

Establishing a convention centre in Janata Maidan will position Odisha as a hub for business tourism. Such a facility can host international conferences, exhibitions, and cultural events, attracting business travelers and boosting local economy.

Commercializing Iconic Destinations

Iconic destinations such as Puri’s Sri Mandir Temple, Konark Sun Temple, Chilika Lake, and Koraput should be commercialized and promoted to attract visitors. Infrastructure development, promotional campaigns, and enhanced visitor facilities can increase engagement and footfall.

Tourist Counselling Centres

Implementing tourist counselling centres can provide visitors with essential information, assistance, and guidance. These centres can enhance the tourist experience, ensuring they make the most of their visit to Odisha.

Promoting Ecotourism

Ecotourism should be a key focus area, promoting sustainable travel practices. By preserving natural habitats and promoting eco-friendly accommodations and activities, Odisha can attract environmentally conscious travelers.

Subsidized Loans for Hotels

The government should provide subsidized loans to hotels, encouraging them to upgrade their facilities and services. This financial support can help smaller establishments improve and compete, elevating the overall standard of hospitality in the state.

By taking these comprehensive steps, Odisha can transform into a premier tourism destination, offering diverse experiences to travelers while fostering economic growth and employment opportunities within the state. Mr. JK Mohanty’s vision highlights the immense potential and the path forward for Odisha’s tourism industry.

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