About Me

When I was a student, I had a dream to be an entrepreneur and give employment. After completing my B.A. (Hons.) from Delhi University and a special Training course in Hotel Activities under CORNELL UNIVERSITY, USA In Hotel Sales, Marketing & Planning. I started Swosti Hotel in 1984, the inspiration that I got from my mother who mortgaged her jewelry worth Rs.1.00 lakh and gave me money as a blessing and seed capital to start my business.

For me she was a greater entrepreneur who took the risk of mortgaging her jeweler at that time. My father, who was in the construction business, too was a very hard worker whom I never saw taking a leave from his responsibilities. Seeing them in front of me I got the inspiration of dedicating myself and contributing in a manner where the society would benefit in general. My passion for good food and luxury living motivated me to be in the hotel business and in 1984 I started my career in Hotel Swosti (now known as Swosti Grand).

A brief history on me was presented by Ms. Sonali Mohanty, at the Kelley School of Business, USA for her BBA Paper as her ‘Most Admired Business Person’.

Thank you everyone for coming to 48th Global Hospitality and Tourism Conference.

By way of introduction this is a presentation on Jitendra Kumar Mohanty, my most admired business person. He is at present a successful entrepreneur in tourism, hospitality and education sectors in his sojourn of 37 years of business life who started from zero to become a hero in the corporate domain in my native province in India’s eastern coast along Bay of Bengal.

He owns a chain of organisations including Swosti Hotel Pvt limited, Swosti Premium Ltd, Bhubaneswar, Swosti Chilika Resort, Gopalpur, Swosti Chilika resort, Swosti Vacations club pvt ltd (Purim Satapada & Bhitarakanika), Swosti Educational Foundation, Swosti Travels & Exports Pvt Ltd, Swosti Institute of Management & Social Studies, Swosti Palm Resorts Gopalpur and Hotel & Restaurant Association of Odisha etc. He has been bestowed with several awards and recognistions in India and Odisha province by Govt and several agencies including international organisations like the United Nations etc. This is due to his hardwork, honesty, creativity, accountability and of being personable to all he comes in the wake of his life.

Mr Jitendra Kumar Mohanty deserves our admiration because he exemplifies the values of Creativity and innovation, being persistent & diligent and being personable.


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